The world today is in chaos.

Every country in the world has been purposely collapsed by those who are intent on doing harm at every level of society under the ruse of a ‘necessary global reset.’ They have collapsed businesses, turned public schools and universities into detention centers, and stripped us of the freedom to breath air. They have closed our churches, terrorized travelers into wearing worthless masks, and have turned our hospitals into death traps for those who are sick.

Now, they are forcing hundreds of millions of freedom-loving people into choosing between being injected with a deadly, experimental product and retaining employment. And, for those who will not comply, they are being tortured by having a Q-tip forcibly shoved up their nose twice a week to “test” for exposure to a virus that, by some claims, doesn’t even exist.

The puppet masters pulling the strings have been able to accomplish all of these nefarious and evil activities because they have access to unlimited funding by leveraging their personal wealth and having access to government “printing presses” such as the Federal Reserve.

The Founders of this organization started from a simple premise:

Who is funding Good?


Who is supporting physicians, nurses and the very few others who are risking everything to speak out against this global government tyranny?


Who is providing options for prevention and early treatment of this viral outbreak and true wellness options for overall health?


Who is standing in the gap for God’s children and their right to obtain an education without being forced to wear an ineffective, torturous mask?


Who is leading the charge against employers who are forcing their workers to be injected with an experimental drug to earn a living and provide for their family?


Who is fighting to reopen our places of worship, and teaching what the Word of God says about FEAR NOT?

Like many others, we are tired of waiting for “someone” to do the work. After much thought and prayer, was born.

The founders, Coach Dave and Ohio Brett with the support of our national advisory board have joined forces to raise the funds for GOOD. We believe there are millions of Americans willing to donate $10, $20, $100 or more to get behind a movement to reclaim our country, our freedoms and our relationship with God through Christ Jesus.

Our goal is to raise millions of dollars and then be the conduit to fund GOOD projects in the following categories:


Legal pursuits: Lawsuits are expensive, and most Americans cannot afford to hire an attorney to fight this Goliath alone. Fighting for your God given rights should not require a 2nd Mortgage on your home. We are currently assembling a team of attorneys who will join forces to fight for Mom and Pop America.


Establish a new healthcare system: Many have experienced the travesty of medical mismanagement throughout this COVID crisis. Even worse, many of you have experienced first-hand the disrespect given to family members over their “covid test” or “vaccination status.” It’s time to build a new system of medical CARE based on true informed consent, true healing and prayer at the center of it all.


Christian training centers: Our churches have failed us miserably. They closed the doors and refused us to gather for worship, and at the same time, have opened their doors to become a vaccination center. Local and national pastors and priests have advised their parishioners to submit to the injection that will violate the Temple of the Holy Spirit. We will fund projects in all 50 states to train men – and women – to stand up for Jesus and live a life inspired by the Word of God.


Athlete Protection: Athletes in all sports and at all ages – from middle school, high school, college and through professional careers – are not being told the truth about the potential devastating effects the COVID shots can have on their cardiovascular system. The shots can cause life-threatening, and career-ending injuries and illness. These important young men and women and their coaches need to quickly know the truth about mandatory vaccination and learn the best way to stay healthy.


Protection for Performing Artists: Even if they have a multi-million-dollar contract for their label, musicians are being banned from entering studios unless they are injected with a COVID shot. The spike proteins and antibodies to the spike protein can attack the lungs; singers and those who play wind instruments may permanently lose their ability to perform.  Artists who perform in theaters are highly skilled athletes who could experience career-ending injuries and illnesses, similar to those who play sports. These men and women of all ages must be protected. 

We are building a team to win back our nation – mentally, physically and most importantly, spiritually. We have a plan.  NOW is the time to take action.

Please go to and help us grow the team for good versus evil.  No donation is too small.

2 Corinthians  3:17 KJV  “Now the Lord is that Spirit: and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.”


Please help to secure those liberties!


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